Transport services

RCM d.o.o. is the organiser of goods transport in international and domestic traffic. We offer the organisation of individual types of transport or the best combination of different types of transport to our clients:

  • land transport;
  • sea transport, and
  • air transport.

Land transport

In RCM d.o.o. we organise road and rail transport of goods, we also offer load and shift services. We offer our land transport throughout Europe, in ex-USSR countries, in the Middle East and vice versa. The transport is carried out by experienced drivers in modern cargo vehicles.

Types of transport:

  • domestic and international road transport of partial and full loads;
  • exceptional transports - heavy cargo and cargo with exceptional dimensions;
  • the organisation of rail transport (containers + general cargo);
  • transport of dangerous goods (ADR);
  • the organisation of loading and warehousing.

Trucks for carrying dangerous goods meet all requirements in accordance with the European environmental standards. We also cooperate with Slovenian Railways and foreign railway operators, which is why we can offer a comprehensive range of logistics services. Slovenian Railways provide a direct link from Luka Koper to a range of destinations, both in Slovenia and in countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We organise rail transport across Slovenia, as well as imports and exports. In addition, we organise rail transport to and from Luka Koper. Our vast experience in international and domestic transport allows us to provide complex and comprehensive logistics services.

We organise all forms of transport: classic, intermodal and combined.


Sea transport

Our sea transport includes:

  • containers - FCL (full containers),
  • containers - LCL (partial containers),
  • general cargo, and
  • project cargo.


The ideal location of the RCM d.o.o., PE Koper offices, in the immediate vicinity of Luka Koper, provides us with optimal conditions to cooperate with Luka Koper, shipbrokers, the customs office and local transport companies.
In cooperation with our business partners, we can provide the stuffing/stripping of goods in customs warehouses in the immediate vicinity of Luka Koper, allowing greater flexibility and control over the cargo.


Air transport

In cooperation with our business partners, we offer the delivery of cargo all over the world. In accordance with the agreement, we can manage the entire shipping process from door to door, including customs. Our services also include the organisation of special cargo transport, such as dangerous goods (ADR), live animals (AV) and perishable goods.


By providing quality services with a high level of professionalism based on trust,
we are moving towards mutual satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

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