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Truck announcement sytem in the port


Truck announcement sytem in the port

In this article, we have prepared a short guide for all truck drivers destined for the Port of Koper and are a newcomer to this field. Truck drivers often turn to our company regarding ambiguities in the area of ​​entering the port.


For all newcomers in this field, Luka Koper requires an online application, which can be found at the link below:

Applications for creating a new truck announcement system (VBS) user


Truck announcement system for entry into the Port of Koper (VBS)

Vehicle Booking System: VBS (Vehicle Booking System) is an online platform for announcing the entry of trucks, reviewing the status of cargo and the announcement plan, reviewing visits to trucks in the Port of Koper, checking the validity of annual permits to enter the Port of Koper and editing organization data.

To work with VBS, you need Internet access, a computer, tablet or smartphone, and login information (username and password or permit number and PIN or announcement number and date of announcement).

To log in with a username and password, you need to open the company code. Agents and freight forwarders do this by sending a request to or by filling out an application on the website, while carriers do so by filling out an application for a permit. After processing the application, you will receive login information.


Conditions for entering the port:

  1. confirmed date of announcement of entry
  2. arrival within the agreed time
  3. valid driver's license (annual or one-off)
  4. payment of toll - prepaid or one-time purchase


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