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Vision and management

The vision of RCM d.o.o. is to gradually and persistently become one of the key providers in the area of comprehensive logistics solutions in the international environment.

Podjetje RCM d.o.o. wishes to provide its services on the highest possible quality level. Through strong professionalism and effective networking with business partners, the company strives towards long-term business cooperation based on trust and mutual satisfaction.

We strive to achieve working conditions in which our employees feel satisfied because we know that satisfied and successful employees are the key to the success of the company.

RCM d.o.o. is the proud winner of the 2013 Golden Thread in the category of medium-sized companies.

RCM d.o.o.

Quality policy by RCM, d.o.o.

Concerning all RCM’s areas of operation from the implementation of services to systematic corporate management, quality is our everyday companion making sure our corporate strategy is properly implemented. Marked by its high level of professionalism and efficient networking with business partners, our company strives to create a long-term business cooperation model based on trust and shared satisfaction. Knowing that the company’s success goes hand in hand with satisfied and successful employees, we strive to create working conditions contributing to the satisfaction of everyone who works for us.

RCM d.o.o. has demonstrated its commitment to quality operation by being awarded the AEO Customs Simplification Certificate of Authorized Trader. The European Union AEO Programme is part of a global initiative to enhance security within the entire supply chain. Providing a more advantageous position of the company through the use of simplified customs procedures, the AEO Certificate provides a reduced level of risk as shown by the Risk Analysis System. Furthermore, RCM d.o.o. is recognized as a safe and reliable partner in international trade, while its AEO status means fewer audits in the customs clearance procedures.

At RCM d.o.o., we have developed a Dedicated Service Planning System complying with customs and tax legislation, corporate regulations, the AEO Certificate requirements and the Quality Management System requirements according to ISO 9001: 2015.

Our quality mirrors both a 25-year tradition in the field of forwarding services and the service performance itself. It is put forward in our internal and external communication and our perception of the interests of the environment, customers, employees and owners.

The company is providing everything necessary for our employees to keep in touch with the latest logistic guidelines and legislative changes at any given moment. Our experts benefit from continuous internal and external training. We put great effort into motivating each individual. We want our employees to fulfil their personal goals while achieving the entire company’s goals and vision.

These are the basic objectives pursued by RCM d.o.o. throughout its business history:

  • providing company services tailored to our business partners’ requirements and in full accordance with the legislation;
  • ensuring a high-quality service performance according to the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and the requirements concerning the maintenance of the Authorised Business Operator System;
  • commitment to the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System;
  • understanding the organizational context for risk prevention and identifying opportunities;
  • a high level of professionalism and competence in the provision of services;
  • satisfaction of all the company’s stakeholders, both external and internal;
  • employee satisfaction and a positive climate within the company;

Company Value Sets

  • Quality – in all areas of operation.
  • Affiliation – to the company.
  • Efficiency – economy and prudence in the consumption of resources and assets.
  • Flexibility and Responsiveness – the ability to respond to new circumstances.
  • Satisfaction – the tendency to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders (owners, managers, employees, customers, authorities, etc.).
  • Respect and Cooperation.

Being aware of our obligations to clients (buyers), suppliers, employees, company owners, the environment, state bodies, and companies, RCM d.o.o. is listing the following ten principles which enable profitability, adequate growth and environmental and social responsibility:

  1. leadership (directing and managing a company),
  2. fulfilling the clients’ needs,
  3. constant improvements,
  4. adherence to constant reduction of waste and emissions into the environment and adherence to the prevention of pollution, replacing natural resources with renewable resources and compliance with the environmental legislation,
  5. asset management,
  6. risk management,
  7. innovativeness,
  8. responsibility towards employees,
  9. responsibility towards local communities,
  10. establishment of a creative dialogue.

By providing quality services with a high level of professionalism based on trust,
we are moving towards mutual satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

Trust us!

Basic information

RCM d.o.o., špedicija, gostinstvo, trgovina in proizvodnja

Trg 20
SI-2391 Prevalje

Finance and Accounting Department

T: +386 2 87 50 242
F: +386 2 87 50 246

Full Company Name RCM špedicija, gostinstvo, trgovina in proizvodnja d.o.o.
Abbreviated Company Name RCM d.o.o.
Address Trg 20
Postcode 2391 Prevalje
Registration Number: 5689945000
Tax ID Number SI48947270
VAT Taxable Person YES
Bank Account SI56 022800254400761 - open at NLB - SWIFT: LJBASI2X
Bank Account SI56 101000048249638 - open at Banki Koper - SWIFT: BAKOSI2X
Bank Account SI56 29000005 0262347 - open at UniCredit Bank - SWIFT: BACXSI22
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