The second railway track is closer to the realization

The second railway track is closer to the realization

In May, we are getting closer to the realization of the second railway track project. On 05.05.2021, the signing of the contract for the start of construction works took place symbolically at the construction site in Dekani. The company 2TDK has signed a contract for the construction of the new railway track between Divača and Koper. The main construction works for the second railway track has started.

According to the Minister of Infrastructure Jernej Vrtovec, the works must be completed in 2025, and the track is expected to be handed over for use a year later.


What does the second railway track mean for the Slovenian economy and import and export-oriented companies?

  • Saving transportation time and transportation costs.
  • Ultimate removal of all throughput and transport capacity limitations for railway line from Koper to railway junction in Divača.
  • Increased reliability of Divača-Koper railway line.
  • Decreased environmental impact and risk.
  • Additional increased share of total cargo transported by railway.
  • Enabling and increasing the use of environmentally more favorable mode of transport.
  • Job creation, economic growth.

Our office RCM d.o.o., PE KOPER is located in the immediate vicinity of the Port of Koper. The second track will help optimize logistics costs and time for our business partners. With second railway track, the Port of Koper will further improve railway connections with all several cities in this part of Europe (Ljubljana, Vienna, Budapest, Munich, Zagreb, Milan, etc.).

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