Warehouse vs. Customs warehouse

Advantages of customs warehouse in comparation to a non-customs warehouse

Warehouse vs. Customs warehouse

This time we prepared an article for you on the storage of goods in classic non-customs warehouse in comparation to a customs warehouse. In case you are not directly involved in freight forwarding, you might not be familiar with the diference betweet these types of services.
The informations we prepared wull help importers and exporters to make it easier to navigate their goods across international surrounding.


Are you familiar with the difference between storing the goods in a customs or in a non-customs warehouse?

A non-customs warehouse as well as customs warehouse can be defined as a safe place where you can store, export and import goods. The difference is in the connection of the warehouse with the customs authorities. The customs warehouse allows the company to store non-nion goods on the premises or in other approved locations, without such goods being subject to import duties or other duties and trade policy measuers, unless they prohibit entry or exit of goods from the customs terirory of the Union.
The customs warehouse is therefore sutable for all companyes who wishes to store non-union goods for wich import duties have not yet been paid. This goods is stored under the customs control.
In case that customs cargo is store in non-customs warehouse, importer must immediately finish customs clearance and pay customs duties no matter where is goods is headed next.


Who can provide customs warehousing services

Customs warehousing services can be provided by companies, who own warehouse premises and who successfully obtained a customs warehouse permit from the Financial Office. There are several types of storage: public storage type I ot type II, private storage.


Who is the customs warehousing service for?

Customs warehousing services are intended for companies operating internationally. So to all import and export oriented companies. Companies can keep goods under customs control in customs warehouses around the world without having to pay customs duties for those goods.


The basic advantage of storing goods in a customs warehouse

A customs warehousing service not only brings benefits in the area of safe storage of your goods, but will have a significant impact on your company's cash flow. When the goods are imported and stored in a customs warehouse, the duties shall be deferred until the goods leave the warehouse. This allows the importer to save money on storing the goods no matter what he intends to do with the cargo. This also gives the importer time to complete all the formalities needed to import goods into the country.


A company that stores its goods in a customs warehouse can choose one of two paths:

    Goods may be stored in a customs warehouse until there is a demand for them, after which the goods are cleared through customs and import duties are paid on the goods when they are delivered to their destination within the country where the goods are located. It is not necessary to import the entire quantity of goods at once.

    Companies can keep their goods in a customs warehouse to offset their cash flow in consolidating the total quantity of the goods before re-exporting them. When consolidated goods are exported from the country where they are located, no import duty is charged to the importer, as the goods remain under customs control, which prevents duable taxations.


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