New automated import system - SIAIS 2

The deadline for the start of use has been postponed to 01.10.2021

New automated import system - SIAIS 2

Regulation (EU) No 952/2013 on the Union Customs Code, full electronic data exchange has been introduced. Accordingly, there was a need to renovate or harmonize the existing Slovenian automated import system - SIAIS - 2 with business requirements regarding procedures and data.

The current SIAIS system was introduced on 1 March 2009 and marked the transition from a paper import declaration to an electronic import declaration. The renovation of the SIAIS system, and the technological renovation itself, enabled electronic or paperless operations, faster and more transparent processes with customs authorities, and reduced operating costs for economic operators. According to the original plan, the SIAIS - 2 system should start to be used on 01.06.2021.


The SIAIS - 2 system will allow applicants for import declarations to fully automate procedures relating to regular, simplified, special, and centralized customs clearance procedures:

  •  central filing and acceptance of electronic import declarations, regardless of the place where the goods are presented,
  • filing notices of entry in the declarant's records
  • automatic verification of the validity of declarations through a system of business rules,
  • systemic risk analysis,
  • electronic notification of declarants on control, results of control and release of goods,
  • harmonization of data by declarants before releasing the declaration, · filing electronic claims for revocation of the declaration,
  • exchange of information with the financial and guarantee module related to the creation of receivables and encumbrance of guarantees,
  • greater benefits for AEOs and license holders to simplify procedures,
  • exchanging data and connecting with other bodies and institutions through various online services and single windows.

Based on consultation with representatives of the economy (importers, declarants, software providers) regarding the readiness to introduce a new Slovenian automated import system, a decision was made to postpone the start of use of SIAIS - 2 to 01.10.2021.

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