Ceremonial opening of a new customs warehouse in the industrial zones Hrpelje - Kozina

Ceremonial opening of a new customs warehouse in the industrial zones Hrpelje - Kozina

It is certainly true for RCM that a lot grows from a small. In the industrial zone Hrpelje-Kozina, in just 43 weeks, there is a modern customs warehouse, which covers more than 20,000 square meters.

On Saturday, June 19, the grand opening of the new warehousing and customs center in the industrial zone Hrpelje-Kozina took place. In the cultural part of the program, members of the KD Holmec Folklore Group, led by Korošec, and the founder of the RCM company, Jani Sušnik, performed. We listened to Korošica Ditka, and the program was coordinated by Jurij Berložnik. The guests of the RCM company, who came to Kozina from all Slovenian statistical regions and abroad, also enjoyed the singing and dancing of the Val Piran Folklore Group.


The guests were addressed by the founder of RCM, Jani Sušnik, who thanked all the employees who have contributed to the growth and success of RCM over the years. The general manager, Dejan Sušnik, thanked the contractors and subcontractors, without whom the opening would have been impossible in just 43 weeks.

On 20,000 square meters, we will offer customs warehousing services, handling customs goods, and releasing customs consignments for free circulation in closed and open areas.

The strategically chosen location of the modern customs center is an ideal meeting point between important places such as Sežana, Rijeka, Trieste, Ljubljana, the Port of Koper, and other major cities. Proximity to major ports, highways, and railways is an ideal advantage and a step towards reducing your logistics costs.


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