7. July 2021

With rudder to cost-effective and time-efficient transport

With rudder to cost-effective and time-efficient transport

This article is dedicated to the topic of maritime transport. This article writes about choosing between FCL - Full Container Load and LCL - Less than Container Loads.


RCM offers FCL - Full Container Load and LCL - Less than Container Loads between all major ports worldwide.

Our experts in RCM d.o.o., Koper branch organize the transport of all types of shipments in import, export, and transit, both palletized and non-palletized.

Various factors need to be taken into account when choosing maritime freight transport. The fundamental question posed by our customers: “Which type of maritime freight transport is more appropriate for an individual shipment? So when to use FCL or LCL shipping? ”


At this point, we have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each type of maritime transport.


  1. Your orders and inventory management

If you opt for maritime transport with LCL collectors, they have a high degree of flexibility regarding the quantities of goods transported. The customer does not need to fill the entire container and stockpile funds for unnecessary stocks of goods. LCL shipping proves to be more efficient before FCL shipments when your company does not produce enough products for a full container and deliveries to customers are time-bound.

When you opt for FCL maritime transport, a larger volume of goods is needed to make this type of transport cost-effective. It means you will need to invest in stocks to be able to fill the entire container. However, larger quantities can also mean a lower unit transport price.


  1. Transit times

The FCL shipment is a few days faster as the container is unloaded from the vessel and delivered to the final destination. The transport time of LCL shipments is slightly longer, as several loads are collected in one container, and additional steps are followed when unloading.


  1. Price LCL vs. FCL

Delivery of FCL shipments is cheaper per cubic meter, as you pay a fee for the entire container, while an LCL shipment is available for small quantities, as the price is paid only for the space used in the container.


  1. Product design

FCL containers can accept from 33 to 76 m3 of cargo, while LCL ship containers make sense to use up to 15 m3.


  1. Security of goods

Customers who choose between FCL and LCL maritime goods collectors are also advised to consider the importance of the safety of their goods. They should be aware that we cannot know what type of goods will be near your goods in LCL shipments. So an individual load that is near yours can affect the quality of your load. Combining different products from different suppliers also poses a high risk of loss. In the case of an FCL shipment, the cargo’s risk of damage or alienation is lower.


  1. Delivery of goods

We also draw the attention of customers that when delivering goods, it is necessary to take into account how the goods will be delivered to you. In the case of an LCL shipment, you can choose which type of truck will be used for delivery if there are restricted areas for large trucks. It is also easier to deliver shipments to different locations, as the goods are sorted into a warehouse after unloading. FCL shipments require a large truck that can carry the entire container. If this is not possible, customers must anticipate additional costs for unloading the goods at the port and reloading them on smaller lorries.


  1. When your customers are online stores

If you are doing business with large online store providers like Amazon, you will choose LCL shipping. Sending FCL means more work for them, and the container may be rejected if the goods are not labeled, palletized, and wrapped according to their standards.


  1. Your business depends on the peak of the season

If your business is tied to the height of the season, then it is easier to book space in an LCL shipment because the demand for space is high.


Are you still wondering which type of shipping to choose? Together with our experts, you will select the most optimal solution for you based on the volume, destination, time frame, and shipping costs.


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