NEW in the Port of Koper for container trucks

The third gate for containers trucks to the Port of Koper was opened

NEW in the Port of Koper for container trucks
Yesterday, the third gate to the port of Koper officially opened its doors. It will be intended primarily for container trucks, representing 53% of all trucks entering the Port of Koper.


In addition to improved internal logistics and traffic safety, the new gate will relieve the roads in the city center.

Minister Vrtovec emphasizes that the port of Koper will maintain all its competitive advantages compared to other ports in the northern Adriatic with new investments. Logistics is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Infrastructure, and the port of Koper is also important in this regard. "The more we create the conditions for the development of the port of Koper, for the development of our port, the faster Slovenian logistics will develop."


Is your company also indirectly dependent on the Port of Koper?

Our team RCM Koper organizes:

  • the stuffing/stripping of goods in the port of Koper,
  • preparation of documentation for the shipment of goods via the Port of Koper,
  • customs brokerage (import, export, transit: T1, T2, T2L, TIR),
  • customs clearance and dispatch of goods,
  • customs consulting,
  • customs inspections,
  • veterinary, health, phytosanitary inspections,
  • direct and indirect representation in customs procedures,
  • reporting to Intrastat and
  • organization of all types of transport (land, sea, and air transport).


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