Do you know the legal sources in freight forwarding?

Do you know the legal sources in freight forwarding?

Today we are writing for you about legal sources in the field of freight forwarding.

The most important legal sources in freight forwarding are:

  1. Act Implementing the Customs Legislation of the European Union
  2. The Obligations Code regulates freight forwarding contracts, warehousing contracts and insurance contracts.
  3. General Terms and Conditions of International Freight Forwarders of Slovenia. With the freight forwarding contract, the freight forwarder undertakes to conclude a transport contract and other necessary contracts to transport certain things in his name on behalf of the client and perform other usual transactions and actions. The client undertakes to pay him a certain fee.


The Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia collected all customs regulations in one place. Thus, the legal sources in the field of customs operations are collected at the link below:


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