24. November 2021

The tunnels of the other are finally named

The tunnels of the other are finally named

The story of the Second Track of the Divača – Koper railway line has been written for 20 years. The first variant of the route of the second track was made back in 1996. After examining 17 variants during the time of 10 governments, the current tunnel route was confirmed as the most suitable.

Currently, the project is the second track in the excavation phase, so at this turning point, the tunnels also got their names. So far, the names have followed the designer's name, in order from Divača to Koper from T1 to T8. The naming was carried out after the usual naming of infrastructure facilities in Slovenia. The tunnels are named after the settlement or glacial names of the areas in which the facilities are built.

  • T1 tunnel Lokev - a settlement at the entrance to the tunnel.
  • T2 Beka tunnel - a settlement directly above the T2 tunnel, the name is associated with the Beško-Ocizelj cave system, which runs near the tunnel.
  • T3 tunnel Stepani - the closest settlement to the tunnel, the village of Gabrovica is also nearby, but the future railway viaduct is named after Gabrovica, and such naming would not be appropriate it would mean ambiguities in the use of the name.
  • T4 tunnel Tinjan - a settlement on Tinjan Hill above the tunnel.
  • T5-6 Osp tunnel - a settlement in the Osap valley below the tunnel.
  • T7 tunnel Mlinarji - a hamlet of the settlement Osp near the tunnel.
  • T8 Škofije tunnel - the tunnel runs under the part of Zgornje Škofije, naming after Deans, where the tunnel starts, would not be appropriate, as Deans are called a motorway tunnel, and such naming would mean ambiguities in the use of the name (Source:


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