LCL (Less than Container Load) services - sucessfull business all arround the world

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LCL (Less than Container Load) services - sucessfull business all arround the world

Company RCM d.o.o. Prevalje, offer LCL (Less than Container Load) services, sea freight transports between all biggest harbours all arround the world. Service is named RCM LCL (Less than container load).


They organize transport of all kind of goods (paletizied, or bulk) in import, export, transit. For smaller shipments that may justify the price of a full conatainer, they provide cost effective LCL (groupage) services, allowing you to share the space of a container with other shippers and only pay for the space you use. This factor as an advantage over FCL shipping and it ensures that your customers get the product they need, when they need it. Yet, even as you meet the demand, you can hold smaller reserves on hand, You can save not only on the inventory itself, but also on warehousing costs.


More space for delivery

Advantage of sea freight groupage containers is easier announcement of delivery. Many final destinations demand specific place of delivery. For example, if You book Full container load (FCL), you need takeover container, and deliver empty in the harbour latest in 8 days, no matter if the goods are custom cleared or not.

For LCL shipments, you have enough time, approx. 5 days in harbour and 7 days in deconsolidation warehouse. “By shipping LCL, your transportation provider is more likely to have the to have capacity to move Your freight on whichever day works best for You. You`ll be able to adjust to shifts in demand, free up Your stuff to sell, and leave your customers completely satisfied” explained in RCM.


Carefully screened cargo

RCM is very selective about what goods are consolidate into an LCL shipment-no hazardous materials, no liquids, no perishables—which means that if You`re shipping with RCM, you`ll see a significantly lower risk of inspection and delay than with a traditional LCL provider.


No risk in transport

RCM take very carefully also for cargo insurance in all kind of transports. All goods are susceptible to problems arising from unforeseen circumstances or accidents, anything from a minor breakage to the complete disappearance of the goods. So, take advice and insure Your goods.





By providing quality services with a high level of professionalism based on trust,
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