COVID-19 Transport Keeps Us Going

COVID-19 Transport Keeps Us Going




With the slogan “Transport keeps us going”, CLECAT, together with 33 European transport organisations, has issued a Joint Declaration, stressing the essential role transport is playing in the coronavirus crisis.



“Transport and logistics play a crucial role in the supply of essential goods in this critical period. To ensure that transport can continue to keep us going, the free flow of goods between the Member States and the surrounding countries must be guaranteed. Therefore, CLECAT is thankful that the Commission has now issued concrete guidelines to the Member States on how to protect the flow of goods across the EU ‘green lanes’. We hope the Member States will be following the recommendations of the Commission to ensure that goods keep moving in Europe, which is in the interest of every single EU citizen. Nonetheless, some issues still need to be addressed by the Commission, such as the possibility of delayed payment of customs duties.

The Member States should also support and encourage people working in transport, not the least the drivers who are exposed to difficult circumstances, as we have noted over the last weeks. As such, we call for more respect for the truck drivers, as they are indispensable in overcoming this crisis and therefore deserve much needed protection and vital facilities in order to do their job.

In times of emergency, logistics has an essential role in providing citizens, health services and businesses with the goods and materials they need.

The full joint statement can be found below.


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